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Reverie land

Vague thoughts popping in and out of my mind. Apprehensive about the stillness surrounding me. I drifted from one shore of  fantasy to another, hopping between the cluttered cloudy garden to  a joyful ride on a fierce dragon spitting fire,crossing … Continue reading

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I,a memory in myself as days passed like clouds untraceable,I shifted from me to nullity, in where discovered a new frame to wear before shedding this worn skin and bones.  No wish remained as you  weaved my crust,  hence i … Continue reading

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Mysterious Gleam

An inquest into my inner realm revealed a mysterious gleam  reflecting from the fragments of a cracked essence of now. I was there in your dream, I am here in this now and left non erasable, in future, as tiny … Continue reading

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Tiny Twinkle

Reminiscence of  a  past, haunted like  a lost spirit in the dusk  of his youth. Smokey lips whispered  the tales of cost  in a lost battle with life, destiny’s shot not  a coincidence nor an accident, to break  this jinx … Continue reading

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Endless Ardor

Drenched in yourwarm showers,myfrenzied mind atpeace,purifying my innumerable sins.My voids filled inconsistent dreams,abroken core mended by your endless ardor.An immortal dreamof a corpse accomplished.Stayed awake in slumbertuning to the rhythmsof an erratic heart,Envious days cravedmoonlight as nightsdanced in mirth.Glowed in a heavenly radiance,intoxicatedin … Continue reading

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