Gay marriages

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Irish has created the history by approving gay marriages through a popular referendum,joining other countries in this row.We could read hundreds of articles about some saying yes and others disagreeing.This is a sign churches and many other religious institutions were worrying about the decaying of their structured empire since thousands of years.A bussiness created on the basis of fear of unknown,”GOD”.

It’s not surprising to read the Vatican’s view about the results of Irish referendum on gay marriages as “defeat for humanity”.Is it a defeat or victory, time will tell.As public execution for crime was normal in 18th century,revolutions brought the changes.Many lives were sacrificed to bring the changes in the society.

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It’s scary to see,in future,babies will be more produced through,IVF and surrogacy.The rumor about the concept of father and mother could slowly vanish into thin air appear to find meaning in this situation.Unlike the gay couple,the baby born won’t be blessed with maternal or paternal love,eventually the baby will have the thirst within him to find out how it will be to be with mother or how it will be to be with father.Money can’t compromise the basic relationships of human beings.At the end of the day,I guess,a gay or a lesbian will be remembering their childhood time, spend with  their father and mother the most.

Everybody is having the right to live their life according to the way they choose to live.In future, religious and political supremacy should decline and humans shall grow as a unit,by improving the living condition for everyone equally,unlike current day where richness is concentrated at the upper class  strata leading poor has to struggle.

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4 Responses to Gay marriages

  1. Life should never be a dull, day-in-day-out routine where work is tolerable and evenings are spent going through the motions: eating dinner, watching television, surfing the net … waiting for it to be time to go to bed, and get up, and repeat it all over again,
    Life should be always be an venture, an expedition, a leap into the unknown, a chance to grow, an opportunity to do something that makes a difference after you’ve gone. I agree with your views expressed through the above article, Regards & Love

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  2. dartanion2 says:

    Hey Piusha!!………this is such a well written piece and the subject matter so controversial that it makes this a VERY compelling post for your blog. I love the way you did your research here and then broke it down for us all to digest on our own……….great post my friend……….VERY well conceived and beautifully delivered……….thanx for this………keep up the great work………smiles………Tony xo

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    • Piusha Singh says:

      Thank you dear friend Teaunee for your time and remarks.This topic is still a big question in my mind.I support them but the mysteries of future no body knows.


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